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Get the Guaranteed Best Price! Found a Better Deal? We'll Beat It! Click Banner for Details
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Unmatched Prices at Restful Roofs: Massive Discounts on Zendure Until 2/29 + Extra 5% Off!

Unmatched Prices at Restful Roofs: Massive Discounts on Zendure Until 2/29 + Extra 5% Off!

 Zendure SuperBase V Power Station Bundles: Sale of the Year!

Limited-Time Super Sale

Massive Discounts + Additional 5% Extra Off!

Now until February 29th

This is more than a sale; it's a gateway to endless electric adventures. Zendure is offering massive discounts on both SuperBase V models and incredible bundle deals with satellite batteries and solar panels.

At Restful Roofs, we wanted to add an additional 5% off - potentially saving hundreds more. Save big and extend your off-grid capabilities until February 28th!

Unleash the Freedom of Electric Road Trips:

Ditch campgrounds, gas stations, and limited charging infrastructure! Embrace clean energy adventures with the Zendure SuperBase V, your portable EV and outdoor charging haven.

Supercharge Your EV, Anywhere, Anytime:

Forget limited charging options! Both SuperBase V models boast a powerful 3,800W AC output (5,000W peak), delivering Level 2 charging speeds for most EVs. Add 14-20 miles of range per hour directly from your SuperBase V, whether you're parked at a campsite, conquering remote areas, or enjoying weekend getaways. Multiply your power with satellite batteries. 

Go Beyond Occasional Top-Ups:

The SuperBase V's massive capacity (4,608Wh for V4600, 6,438Wh for V6400) and optional DC charging cable let you tap into public DC fast charging. Plus, satellite battery packs multiply your capacity by up to 10x, powering epic journeys.

Zendure Superbase V EV charging

Choose Your SuperBase V:

SuperBase V4600:

  • Charge your EV multiple times with up to 3 satellite batteries (10,608Wh total).
  • Power appliances for days, making off-grid living a breeze.
  • Work remotely without interruption with ample power for essential equipment.
  • Specs: 4608Wh capacity, 3800W AC output, 7-8 hrs recharge time, 6000+ cycle life.

SuperBase V6400:

  • Unleash mind-blowing 13,438Wh with up to 4 satellite batteries.
  • Power even larger setups for extended explorations.
  • Achieve your full potential, whether exploring remote landscapes or pursuing creative projects.
  • Specs: 6438Wh capacity, 3800W AC output, 6-7 hrs recharge time, 3000+ cycle life.

Zendure Superbase V mobile

⚡Power Up & Save Big! Zendure Superbase V4600: $2699 (was $4499) ⚡️

Embrace Sustainable Exploration:

Harness the sun's power with the 400W solar panel, recharing your EV and powering adventures responsibly. Reduce your dependence on fossil fuels and leave a lighter footprint.

More Than Just EV charging:

The SuperBase V is your ultimate outdoor companion, powering everything from refrigerators and lights to laptops and drones. Live comfortably and stay connected, anywhere you wander.

zendure solar panels and batery

☀️ Solar Power Play! SuperBase V6400 + 400W Solar Panel: $2000 OFF! Charge anywhere, anytime. Don't miss out!

Ditch the Cords, Embrace Freedom with Zendure Solar Panels:

Redefine your relationship with the grid with Zendure solar panels. Choose your perfect solar partner:

Zendure 200W Solar Panel:
  • Lightweight adventurer (20.1lbs).
  • Recharge SuperBase V in 15-18 hours (perfect for weekend trips).
  • Pair multiple panels for faster charging.
  • Specs: 200W power, 22.5% efficiency, IP54 rating, adjustable kickstand.
Zendure 400W Solar Panel:
  • Blazing-fast energy station.
  • Refuel SuperBase V in 7-9 hours.
  • Level 2 EV ready (say goodbye to range anxiety).
  • Specs: 400W power, 22% efficiency, IP65 rating, adjustable kickstand.
Both panels share the power of the sun:
  • High-efficiency solar cells.
  • Durable and weatherproof.
  • Universal compatibility (MC4 connectors).

Zendure sbv+solar

Go beyond EVs: Power laptops, cameras, and even small appliances. Embrace off-grid living with sustainable solar power!

Limited-Time Offer: Get an additional 5% off ALL ZENDURE products on top of their massive discounts! This offer ends February 29th, don't miss out!

Order your SuperBase V and Solar Panel today and start writing your own off-grid chapter!

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