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Unleash your outdoor adventures without worrying about annoying bugs with the Klymit Traverse Hammock Bug Net. Designed to perfectly fit your Klymit Traverse Hammock, this premium bug net is here to provide you with the ultimate protection from pesky insects, ensuring a blissful and uninterrupted hammock experience.

Unmatched Bug Protection: Step into a bug-free zone with the Klymit Traverse Hammock Bug Net. Its precise design and snug fit keep even the tiniest insects at bay, allowing you to relax and unwind without the annoyance of bug bites and buzzing distractions. Embrace the outdoors without compromising your comfort!

Breathable Ultra-Fine Mesh: Enjoy maximum visibility and airflow while staying protected. Crafted with ultra-fine mesh, this bug net strikes the perfect balance between keeping bugs out and maintaining excellent ventilation. You'll feel the refreshing breeze and soak in the natural beauty around you while staying safe from unwanted guests.

Lightweight and Durable: We understand the importance of packing light for your outdoor adventures. That's why the Klymit Traverse Hammock Bug Net is designed with a focus on lightweight performance. Made from durable materials, this bug net is built to withstand the rigors of your journeys while keeping your pack weight to a minimum.

Effortless Access and Secure Fit: Getting in and out of your hammock shouldn't be a hassle. The zippered entry of the bug net ensures easy access, allowing you to enter or exit your hammock with ease. The elastic hem provides a secure fit, so you can rest assured knowing that no unwanted visitors will disturb your peaceful slumber.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Whether you're embarking on an overlanding adventure, exploring off-grid destinations, or simply seeking solace in nature, the Klymit Traverse Hammock Bug Net is the perfect addition to your gear. Embrace the freedom of the great outdoors and indulge in the tranquility of a bug-free hammock experience.

TL;DR Highlights:

  • Ultimate bug protection for your Klymit Traverse Hammock
  • Breathable ultra-fine mesh for maximum visibility and airflow
  • Lightweight and durable construction for easy portability
  • Effortless access with zippered entry and secure fit with elastic hem
  • Perfect for Overlanding, off-grid explorations, and outdoor getaways

Gear up and order your Klymit Traverse Hammock Bug Net today to transform your hammock into a sanctuary free from pesky insects. Experience the joy of unwinding in nature without any buzzing distractions. It's time to take your outdoor adventures to the next level of comfort and serenity!

What size is the bug net?

The bug net is specifically designed to provide an exact fit for the Klymit Traverse Hammock.

How well does it keep bugs out?

The bug net provides unmatched protection from insects. The precise design and snug fit keep even the smallest bugs from entering while you relax in the hammock.

Is the mesh breathable?

Yes, the ultra-fine mesh strikes an ideal balance between keeping bugs out while maintaining excellent ventilation and visibility. You enjoy an unobstructed view and airflow while staying protected.

Is the bug net easy to get in and out of?

Yes, the zippered entry provides easy and effortless access to your hammock. Simply unzip the net to enter or exit the hammock as needed.

Will the bug net stay securely on the hammock?

The elastic hem creates a snug fit around the edges of the hammock, ensuring the bug net stays securely in place while you relax. This eliminates the risk of the net slipping or sliding out of position.

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