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Lion Energy Lion Eclipse 3-in-1 Wireless and USB Charger

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Power up with the Lion Energy Lion Eclipse™ 3-in-1 Wireless and USB Charger

Introducing the Lion Eclipse™, the ultimate portable power solution that brings convenience and power to your charging needs. No more tangled cords and multiple chargers cluttering your space. With the Lion Eclipse™, you have the power to charge your smartphone, earbuds, watch, and USB devices all at once or one at a time.

Unleash the Speed: Experience lightning-fast recharge times of just 90 minutes, ensuring you're always ready to go. Powered by advanced lithium technology, the Lion Eclipse™ provides over 1,000 cycles of reliable and long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety and embrace the convenience of a power solution that keeps up with your active lifestyle.

Perfect for Travel: Traveling? The Lion Eclipse™ is TSA approved, making it an ideal companion for your next adventure or business trip. Compact and portable, it easily fits in your pocket or bag, allowing you to stay powered up wherever you go. Whether you're on a long flight or exploring a new city, the Lion Eclipse™ ensures you have the power you need, when you need it.

Simplify Your Life: Cut the cord and simplify your charging routine with the Lion Eclipse™. Its 3-in-1 wireless and USB charging capabilities offer unmatched versatility. Charge multiple devices simultaneously or focus on a single device with ease. With a range of outputs, including 3 wireless Qi (10W, 5W, 2W), 2 USB-A, and 1 USB-C, you have the flexibility to charge virtually any device, anytime, anywhere.

Designed for Your Busy Lifestyle: Whether you're at work, on the go, or simply enjoying your leisure time, the Lion Eclipse™ has got you covered. With more power, faster charging times, and a sleek design, it's the clear choice for anyone seeking a high-quality portable power bank. Stay connected, stay charged, and stay ahead with the Lion Energy Lion Eclipse™ 3-in-1 Wireless and USB Charger.

TL;DR Highlights and Features:

  • 3-in-1 wireless and USB charging capabilities for ultimate convenience
  • Lightning-fast recharge times of just 90 minutes
  • TSA approved for hassle-free air travel
  • Compact and portable design for easy transport
  • Multiple outputs, including wireless Qi, USB-A, and USB-C, for versatile charging options
  • Long-lasting lithium technology with over 1,000 cycles
  • Simplify your charging routine and declutter your space
  • Stay powered up on the go with the Lion Energy Lion Eclipse™

Lion Energy Lion Eclipse Specifications

Weight (pounds)


Dimensions - Inches (L x W x H)

8.5 x 3.5 x1.3


3X Qi Wireless Charger – 10W / 5W /2W Learn More about Qi Wireless
2X USB-A Ports – 5V @ 2.4A Each
1X USB-C Port – PD 60W / 85W


via USB-C (USB - C Charging Cable & Adapter Included)

Charge Time (Wall)

1.5+ hours


Lithium NCA

Life Cycles


Rated Capacity

99.9Wh - 27,000mAh


What is the Lion Eclipse?

The Lion Eclipse is a powerful 3-in-1 wireless and USB charger. No need for multiple cords or chargers for all your devices. Just use the small yet powerful Eclipse. Approved for travel on an airplane.

What does the Lion Eclipse power?

You can charge your smart devices – phone 10X, earpods 45X, watch 78X, or any other USB device such as gaming units, tablets, laptops, wireless speakers, USB power projectors, and more. Charge times and rates may vary.

How can you figure out how long the Eclipse will power specific devices?

The Lion Eclipse has a continuous 27,000 mAh / 99.9 Wh of power output. To calculate how long the Eclipse can power a device, use this formula: Wh / W or mAh/mA = Estimated Run Time. So for mAh, a device drawing 100mA can be powered for 270 hours (27,000/100=270). If your device works in watts and your device draws 25 watts, then it would power it for 4 hours (99.9/25=4).

How long can the Lion Eclipse hold a charge?

It will maintain its charge for up to a year without having to charge it. This is known as shelf life or storage life. However, we recommend using it more frequently – around the house, outside, on adventures, at work, or anywhere you need power. It's great in emergencies too.

What is Qi-compatible wireless charging?

QI is the leading standard for wireless charging devices. The Qi standard is supported by many mobile devices manufacturers, including:

Apple, Asus, Google, HTC, Huawei, LG Electronics, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Xiaomi, and Sony. To see a partial list of some of the popular smartphones that support Qi charging Click Here.  

What is in the box?

The Lion Eclipse, wall charging cord, and a quick start guide.

How do I charge my USB devices using the Lion Eclipse?

Step 1 - Connect the USB cord to the Eclipse and a USB device by connecting one end of the USB cord to the Lion Eclipse and the other end to the device you want to charge. The connection on the Lion Eclipse is on the end, underneath the rubber flap.

Step 2 - White indicator lights will illuminate showing that the device is being charged.

How do I charge my devices wirelessly?

Step 1 - Turn on the Lion Eclipse by pushing the power button and holding for 3-4 seconds.

Step 2 - A green light will illuminate on the left side of the white lights, indicating you can place your Qi enabled smartphone, Earpod, and/or watch on the corresponding icon on top of the Lion Eclipse.

Step 3 - The device will begin to charge and when you remove the green light and Lion Eclipse will automatically turn off in ~30 seconds.

Note: if your device cannot be wirelessly charged, use its USB cord to charge it with the Lion Eclipse by using the USB port on the end of the Lion Eclipse, under the rubber flap.

What do the white indicators lights near the micro port on the Lion Eclipse mean?  

They indicate the Lion Eclipse is on and how much full of power the Eclipse has: 1 light (~25%) 2 lights (~50%) 3 lights (~75%) and 4 lights (~100%).


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