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5 Key Considerations when Buying a Solar Generator

5 Key Considerations when Buying a Solar Generator

When it comes to buying a solar generator, there are several critical considerations to keep in mind. Whether you're an avid camper, an overlanding enthusiast, or just looking for a reliable source of power/energy, choosing the right generator can significantly impact your outdoor adventures. In this guide, we'll explore the five essential factors you should weigh before making your purchase decision.

1. Solar Generator Capacity - How Much Power/Energy Do You Need?

The primary purpose of a solar generator is to provide a consistent source of power/energy when you're off the grid. When buying one, it's crucial to assess your power/energy requirements. Consider the devices you plan to charge or run - from smartphones and laptops to larger appliances like mini-fridges. Ensure that the generator you choose has the capacity to meet your power/energy needs and keep your devices fully charged throughout your journey.

Pictured: ECOFlow DELTA Mini Power Station - $599 

2. Portability and Size - Is It Travel-Friendly?

For campers and overlanders, mobility is key. The size and portability of your solar generator play a significant role in how convenient it is to use during your adventures. Look for a model that's compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. Some generators come equipped with built-in handles or wheels, enhancing their travel-friendliness. You'll want a unit that won't slow you down on the trail while still delivering the power/energy you require.

Pictured: Lion Energy Prowler - $49 

3. Charging Options - How Fast Can It Charge/Charging?

Solar generators can be recharged using solar panels, wall outlets, or car adapters. Assess your charging needs and preferences. If you plan to primarily rely on solar charging, check the compatibility of your generator with solar panels and its charge/charging speed under sunlight. Some models offer fast-charging technology for quicker turnaround times.

Pictured: ECOFlow Foldable Solar Panels - From $209

4. Battery Type - Is It Reliable and Long-Lasting?

The battery within your solar generator is a critical component that affects its reliable performance. Lithium-ion batteries are a popular choice due to their lightweight design and extended lifespan. They also provide consistent power/energy output, ensuring your devices stay charged when you need them most. Prioritize generators equipped with high-quality batteries to ensure a reliable source of power/energy during your outdoor excursions.

Pictured: EcoFlow DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery - $1,999 

5. Additional Features - Does It Suit Your Needs?

Many solar generators offer extra features that can enhance your camping experience. These may include multiple charging ports, LED displays indicating battery status, built-in inverters for AC power, and even wireless charging capabilities. Evaluate which features align with your needs and preferences to maximize the value of your purchase.


Selecting the right solar generator involves a series of important decisions. By considering factors such as capacity, portability, charging options, battery type, and additional features, you can ensure that the generator you buy is a perfect fit for your needs. So, before your next adventure, take the time to find the ideal solar generator to keep your campsite powered and your devices fully charged, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor journey. Stay powered up, adventurers!

We hope this guide has been informative and helpful in your quest to find the perfect solar generator. At Restful Roofs, we're dedicated to serving the needs of the camping and overlanding community by offering top-quality gear and accessories. If you have any questions about buying a solar generator or any other camping equipment, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Wishing you well-lit and memorable adventures!

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