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Lion Energy Safari ME XP- Expansion: Additional Capacity for Lion Energy Lion ME Portable Generator, 2048Wh LiFePO4


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Supercharge Your Power with the Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME

Introducing the Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME, the ultimate enhancement for your Lion Energy Lion ME Portable Generator. With its additional capacity of 2048Wh LiFePO4, the ME-XP takes your power capabilities to new heights, allowing you to run your devices for even longer periods of time. Whether you're tackling longer projects or embarking on extended stays in remote locations, the ME-XP has got you covered.

Unleash Your Power: The ME-XP expansion pack is designed to enhance the performance of your Safari ME portable generator. It provides you with the extra power you need to tackle demanding tasks and stay powered up during extended adventures. With the ME-XP, you'll never have to worry about running out of power again.

Versatile Power Solution: The Safari ME and ME-XP are the perfect power solution for professionals in need of a reliable source of energy on job sites and individuals seeking a dependable power supply for camping, tailgating, or disaster preparedness. With its compact size and maintenance-free design, the ME-XP is an easy, reliable, and safe source of power on-the-go.

Don't Be Limited by Power: Don't let a lack of power limit your adventures. Add the Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME to your Lion ME Portable Generator and experience the freedom of extended power capabilities. Whether you're working on projects or exploring remote locations, the ME-XP ensures you have the energy you need to keep going.

Upgrade Your Power Today: Enhance the performance of your Lion Energy Lion ME Portable Generator with the Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME. Unlock greater power capacity, tackle longer projects, and stay powered up during extended stays in remote locations. Don't settle for limited power—supercharge your generator with the ME-XP expansion pack.

TL;DR Highlights and Features:

  • Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME for additional power capacity
  • Compatible with Lion Energy Lion ME Portable Generator
  • 2048Wh LiFePO4 battery for extended power capabilities
  • Versatile power solution for professionals and individuals
  • Compact, maintenance-free design for easy and reliable power
  • Don't be limited by power—upgrade your generator with the ME-XP
  • Supercharge your power and tackle longer projects

Unlock limitless power with the Lion Energy XP Expansion for ME and never be limited by a lack of energy again.


What are the Safari ME and XP?

The Safari ME and XP are the latest in Lithium battery technology for portable power needs. They replace traditional noisy gas generators with the safest Lithium batteries on the market today. They are lightweight for the amount of power and stored energy they have. Think of it as a safe, silent, renewable generator and extra energy storage without the need for gas, pollution or all that weight.

What does the Safari ME power?

You can use it to power a wide variety of devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets refrigerators, freezers, TVs, lights, hot plates or grills, power tools, and the list goes on. Virtually any device you can plug into a standard wall outlet, the Safari ME can power it. And with the optional ME-XP expansion battery, you can power all that for longer.

How can you figure out how long the Safari ME and XP will power specific devices?

The ME has a continuous 2,000W of power output (watts of power output) and over 900Wh (922 watt hours) of stored energy. The ME-XP adds nearly another 2,050Wh more when connected to the ME. That means you can power devices that require up to 2000W of power for various periods of time. To calculate how long the ME can power a device, use this formula: Wh / W = Estimated Run Time. For example, if the device requires 50W of power and the ME has 922Wh then the device can be powered for approximately 18.5 hours (922 / 50 = 18.44) If you use that same device but now with the XP connected to the ME, you'll have 2,970Wh to use in this formula (2,970 / 50 = 59.4).

How long can the Safari ME and XP hold a charge?

They will maintain their charge for up to a year (ME) or two (ME-XP) without having to charge them. This is known as shelf life or storage life. They will lose about 2-3% charge on average each month (more in the first month and less in subsequent months), assuming the unit is fully charged to begin with. However, we recommend using the ME and XP frequently, in the house, outside, on adventures, and for emergencies.

Can the Safari ME and XP power an A/C unit?

The Safari ME outputs 2,000W and can power some AC units depending on the brand and the watts each AC unit requires. Like with most devices, the power consumption varies from brand to brand and model to model. So you'll need to determine if the AC unit is less than 2,000W. Check out our videos tab for a detailed review on the ME. Remember, if you connect the XP to the ME then you get an extra 2,048Wh of stored energy to power things longer.

How can I connect the Safari ME and XP to my house?

You would need a home integration kit, which is generally found at home improvement/electrical supply/hardware stores.

Can the Safari ME and XP be used to store solar power or solar energy?

The Safari ME and XP are great energy storage combo units for solar power from solar panels. Together they can store 2,970Wh (watt hrs) of energy.

Why should I buy the Safari ME and XP?

The Safari ME and XP are made from the highest quality and longest-lasting battery technology – Lithium Iron Phosphate. The Safari ME and XP are safe, silent, and renewable, unlike gas-powered generators. The ME gives your power anywhere, anytime. The ME-XP gives you more time to power those devices.

Will the Safari ME and XP work with power tools?

Yes, most power tools will work just fine with the ME and XP. Some require more energy at startup (a surge) and may need to have a "soft start" component added to the ME that can be found at home improvement, electric supply, or hardware stores.


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