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Overland Vehicle Systems offers the Canyon Wax Canvas Spare Tire Trash Bag, crafted from durable Cotton Duck infused with Paraffin. This tear-resistant bag can handle loads up to 50 lbs and features heavy-duty buckles, nylon ballistic straps, and zippers. It can be mounted on the tailgate or 30-gallon trash bag and features drain holes for liquid buildup.


Premium Cotton Duck Infused with Paraffin: Handcrafted from premium Cotton Duck infused with Paraffin, our Spare Tire Trash Bag boasts superior durability and longevity.

Longer Lifespan: Unlike other Spare Tire Trash Bags on the market, our Wax Canvas construction ensures a longer lifespan, resisting fading and tattering over time.

Heavy-Duty Buckles and Ballistic Straps: The bag features heavy-duty buckles and nylon ballistic straps, providing secure and reliable attachment to your spare tire.

#10 Zippers: Equipped with #10 zippers, the bag offers smooth and effortless opening and closing, allowing for easy access to your trash or storage items.

Tear-Resistant Fabric: The tear-resistant fabric construction ensures strength and durability, allowing the bag to handle loads of up to 50 lbs.

X Wrap Mounting Solution: The bag utilizes an X wrap mounting solution, which crisscrosses around your spare tire, ensuring a secure and snug fit.

Drain Holes: With drain holes at the bottom, the bag allows any liquid to drain out, preventing accumulation and maintaining cleanliness.

Multiple Storage Options: The Spare Tire Trash Bag features a main trash pouch, a storage pouch on the top cover, a see-through meshed storage pouch with dividers on the outside, and three rows of Molle Storage. This provides ample space for organizing and storing various items.

Accommodates Up to a 30 Gallon Trash Bag: The spacious cavity of the bag can accommodate up to a 30 Gallon Trash Bag, allowing for efficient waste management during outdoor adventures.

Versatile Mounting Options: The bag can be easily mounted on a tire up to 40" in size or on the back of the tailgate, providing flexibility and convenience.

Interior Cinched Design: The bag includes an interior cinched design to secure the load and prevent shifting during transportation.

Free Shipping: Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping when you purchase our Spare Tire Trash Bag.

USA Call Center Support: Our dedicated USA Call Center Support is available to assist you with any inquiries or concerns, ensuring a smooth and satisfactory customer experience.


  • Premium Cotton Duck infused with Paraffin construction
  • Longer lifespan compared to other Spare Tire Trash Bags
  • Heavy-duty buckles and ballistic straps for secure attachment
  • #10 zippers for easy access
  • Tear-resistant fabric handles loads up to 50 lbs
  • X-wrap mounting solution for a snug fit
  • Drain holes prevent liquid buildup
  • Multiple storage options for efficient organization
  • Accommodates up to a 30 Gallon Trash Bag
  • Versatile mounting on tire or tailgate
  • Interior cinched design secures the load

  • Storage: Main Pouch 30+ Gallon and Up to 50 Lbs
  • External Zip Pouch: 1
  • External Mesh Pouch: 1 with 4 cavities
  • Molle Rows: 3
  • Buckles: Heavy Duty and Oversized, 2
  • Velcro: Military Grade
  • Stitching: Doubled and Reinforced in Key Areas
  • Zippers: # 10 and Heavy Duty
  • Puncture Resistance: Up to 100LBS
  • Water Resistance: Yes
  • Quick Deploying: Yes
  • Mount To Spare Tire: Yes
  • Mount to Tailgate: Yes
  • Interior Cinch: Yes
  • Color: Green
  • Trim Color: Black


What is the OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount - #16 Waxed Canvas?

The OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount - #16 Waxed Canvas is a durable and reliable solution for conveniently storing trash or waste while on the go. It is specifically designed to be mounted on your vehicle's spare tire, offering a secure and easily accessible storage option.

How does the OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount enhance waste management during outdoor adventures?

The OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount provides a convenient and organized solution for managing waste during your outdoor adventures. It securely attaches to your spare tire, ensuring that the bag remains stable and easily accessible. Its #16 waxed canvas construction offers durability and resistance to the elements, making it suitable for various outdoor environments.

What is the capacity of the OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount?

The OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount has a spacious capacity that allows for the disposal of a significant amount of trash. While the exact capacity may vary, it is designed to accommodate a generous volume of waste, making it ideal for extended trips or camping excursions.

Is the OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount easy to install and remove?

Yes, the OVS XL Trash Bag Tire Mount is designed for easy installation and removal. It is equipped with adjustable straps that ensure a secure fit on your spare tire. This allows for hassle-free setup and convenient removal when it's time to dispose of the waste. The user-friendly design of the bag ensures a seamless waste management experience during your outdoor adventures.

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