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Experience the ultimate convenience and security with the WaterPort Weekender 8-Gallon Hitch Mount. Designed specifically for the Weekender water tank, this hitch mount ensures a safe and reliable connection to your receiver hitch, allowing you to take your water supply wherever your off-road adventures lead you. Here's what makes this hitch mount stand out:

Built to Last: Crafted with heavy-duty steel construction, this hitch mount is built to withstand the toughest terrains and provide long-lasting durability. It protects your Weekender water tank, ensuring its safety throughout your off-road journeys.

Easy Installation: The Weekender Hitch Mount easily attaches to any standard 2" receiver hitch. With the included hitch pin, you can securely lock the mount in place, providing a stable and dependable connection between your vehicle and the water tank. Additionally, the hitch stabilizer ensures that the tank remains steady and eliminates any rattling, wobbling, or rocking while you drive.

Convenient and Portable: With the Weekender Hitch Mount, you have the freedom to bring your 8-gallon water tank wherever your outdoor adventures take you. Whether you're camping, off-roading, or engaging in any other outdoor activity, you can rely on the convenience and portability of this hitch mount.

Enhance Your Off-Road Adventures: Take your Weekender water tank to new heights with the WaterPort Weekender 8-Gallon Hitch Mount. It offers a secure and portable solution, allowing you to have a reliable water supply during your off-road explorations. Don't miss out on the peace of mind and convenience that this hitch mount brings.

TL;DR Highlights and Features:

  • WaterPort Weekender 8-Gallon Hitch Mount
  • Heavy-duty steel construction for durability
  • Mounts easily to any standard 2" receiver hitch
  • Includes hitch pin for secure locking
  • Hitch stabilizer eliminates rattling and ensures stability
  • Allows for convenient and portable water tank transport
  • Enhances off-road adventures with a reliable water supply.

What size receiver hitch does it fit?

The hitch mount fits standard 2-inch receiver hitches.

Is installation difficult?

No, installation is simple. The hitch mount attaches to your receiver hitch using the included hitch pin to securely lock it in place.

Does it keep the tank steady while driving?

Yes, the hitch stabilizer ensures that the water tank remains steady and eliminates any rattling or movement while driving.

Can I take the water tank out easily?

Yes, the hitch mount allows you to securely attach and detach the water tank as needed, providing portability and convenience.

Will 8 gallons of water be heavy?

The 8-gallon water tank will weigh around 65 to 70 pounds when full. The hitch mount is made from heavy-duty steel construction to handle the weight and withstand rugged conditions.

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