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Zendure SuperBase V: Solar Generator & Power Bank | Efficient Off-Grid Energy Solution


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Introducing the Zendure SuperBase V: Your All-In-One Power Solution

Unleash the Power: The Zendure SuperBase V series is here to revolutionize your off-grid energy experience. With cutting-edge technology and unmatched capacity, these solar generators and power banks are your ultimate companions for endless adventures. Let's dive into the exceptional features that make the SuperBase V 6400 and 4600 the go-to choices for charging EV vehicles, supporting off-grid living, and conquering overlanding journeys.

Unparalleled Capacity: Prepare to be amazed by the immense power of the SuperBase V. The SuperBase V 6400 boasts an astonishing 6.4kWh capacity, while the SuperBase V 4600 offers a remarkable 4.6kWh capacity. Say goodbye to power limitations and embrace the freedom of running your devices and appliances for extended periods without worries.

Efficiency at Its Finest: Experience efficiency like never before. The SuperBase V series offers multiple charge options, including the industry's fastest 3,000W solar input. Harness the power of the sun and charge your SuperBase V swiftly. Need a Level 2 fast charging solution for your electric vehicle? Look no further. These power stations are engineered to support your eco-friendly adventures.

Reliable Power Anywhere: The SuperBase V is designed to withstand the toughest conditions. With dual voltage output (120V/240V) in a single unit, it adapts seamlessly to various power needs. Embrace the peace of mind provided by the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) function, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply. The SuperBase V series features EV-grade semi-solid state batteries and long-lasting LiFePO4 technology, guaranteeing durability, longevity, and consistent performance in temperatures ranging from -20°C to 45°C.

Your Off-Grid Adventure Awaits: Immerse yourself in the thrill of off-grid exploration with the SuperBase V 6400 and 4600. Whether you're embarking on a remote wilderness expedition or embracing an off-grid lifestyle, these portable power stations will be your reliable energy source. Stay connected, power up your electric vehicle at Level 2, and enjoy the comforts of home wherever your journey takes you.


  • Unparalleled capacity: SuperBase V 6400 (6.4kWh) and 4600 (4.6kWh)
  • Efficient charging: Industry's fastest 3,000W solar input, Level 2 fast charging for EV
  • Reliable and versatile: Dual voltage output (120V/240V), UPS function, EV-grade batteries
  • Perfect for off-grid living and overlanding adventures

The Zendure SuperBase V series empowers you to embrace off-grid living, charge your electric vehicle with ease, and unlock new realms of adventure. Get ready to revolutionize your energy experience and embark on limitless journeys with the SuperBase V by your side. It's time to go beyond the boundaries of traditional power sources and embrace the extraordinary.

1) What's the cycle life for SuperBase V?

3,000+ cycles for SuperBase V6400 with semi-solid state batteries and 6,000+ cycles

for SuperBase V4600 with LiFePO4 batteries.

2) What kind of batteries does SuperBase V use?

SuperBase V6400 uses semi-solid state batteries with a total charge capacity of

6,438Wh, while SuperBase V4600 uses LFP (LiFePO4) batteries and has a charge

capacity of 4,608Wh.

3) What is the AC output power of SuperBase V?

The LFP and SSS versions of SuperBase V both have 3,800W rated power and 5,000W

peak power. Two SuperBase V's with the same type of battery can be connected to

each other with our ZenY cable or the Home Panel to achieve up to 7,600W of total

output power.

4) Can 2 SuperBase V be connected for higher output power?

Yes, two SuperBase V's can be connected together using either our Home Panel or the

ZenY cable, doubling the rated output power to 7,600W.

5) Can I mix semi-solid-state and LFP products?

No, a SuperBase V system should be configured with only semi-solid-state components

or only LFP components.

6) What's the capacity of the semi-solid-state SuperBase V?

The semi-solid-state version has a capacity of 6,438Wh, and the LFP version has a

capacity of 4,608Wh.

7) What is max solar panel charging input?

SuperBase V can collect up to 3,000W through the XT-90 port.

8) Where is solar panel input?

SuperBase V can accept solar power through the XT90 port or the AC input.

Can SuperBase V be charged with solar panels from a different brand?

Yes, SuperBase V can be charged by third-party solar panels with voltage ranging from 12V to 150V; Zendure's 400W Solar Panel and 320W Rigid Solar Panel have been thoroughly tested with SuperBase V and remain our recommendation.

How do I connect the Satellite Batteries to each other? And how do I connect them to SuperBase V?

Satellite Batteries can directly stack on each other without cable. To connect a Satellite battery to SuperBase V, the included battery cable is the only connection required.

Why are the expansion batteries called "Satellites"?

Our Satellite batteries are an excellent companion to SuperBase V to increase your system's capacity, but they also have their own independent DC input and output capabilities that allow them to function as standalone units as well. Similarly, while the Moon is Earth's companion as a natural satellite, it can shine independently and has its own charm.

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